Andy Sernovitz Keynote Speeches

Word of Mouth Marketing is a Hot Topic For Any Event

Everyone wants more fans, customers, and buzz for their business and ideas, and word of mouth marketing is how they get it. Even better, it includes the red-hot theme of social media, which always fills the room.

Andy is the speaker who will WOW your audience. He’s made hundreds of speeches, from giant convention keynotes to private small-team seminars.

Contact Andy to arrange for a keynote presentation. (If you are a small group that can’t afford to pay for a keynote, or if you have a really cool event, we’ll do what we can to help you out.)

A fantastic keynote

Everywhere he speaks, Andy’s session is usually the most popular and the best attended. Andy has presented more than 200 keynotes for companies including Dell, Kraft, Microsoft, eBay, Jim Beam, and many associations and conventions. Many groups bring him back again and again for encore presentations.

Andy’s entertaining anecdotes, solid information, and non-cheesy speaking style will leave your group energized, educated, and enthusiastic about the exciting times ahead. He’s funny, relevant, and inspiring.

Andy is all about earning word of mouth — and guarantees that people will be talking about your great decision to choose him for your fantastic event.

Exactly what you’re looking for

Every presentation is customized for you after detailed conversations with your team. Andy will help you put together a practical, focused keynote that your participants know is all about them. He’s skilled at linking the big picture to your immediate needs. Keynotes can be combined with small-group workshops, breakouts, and networking activities.

He understands how to connect with your audience and create a blockbuster session that addresses the issues that matter most to them. They’ll laugh, they’ll be inspired, and they’ll leave with ideas they can implement the very next day to get more word of mouth.

A real-world speaker who knows his stuff

Andy isn’t one of those speakers who’s all theory. He’s been in the interactive business for 20 years as an entrepreneur and CEO, and he speaks to business audiences from real-world experience. He has worked with more than 200 Fortune 1000 brands and hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

Andy is the guru of the word of mouth marketing movement:

  • He wrote the New York Times bestseller, Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking.
  • He created the industry when he founded the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.
  • He runs created and ran the and communities.
  • He taught word of mouth marketing at Northwestern and entrepreneurship at Wharton.


Practical advice that makes a difference

Andy’s matter-of-fact style and real-world experience give you actionable ideas you can actually use. You will walk out of Andy’s presentation and make a meaningful difference in your business the very next day.

With straightforward advice and humor, Andy will show you how the world’s most respected and profitable companies get their best customers for free through the power of word of mouth.

You’ll learn everything you need to get started:

  • 5 essential steps that make word of mouth successful
  • 4 rules of word of mouth marketing
  • 3 reasons people talk about you
  • … and the real purpose of social media, viral marketing, evangelists, and buzz — when to use them and how simple it is to make them work

Learn what sparks the irrepressible enthusiasm of Apple and TiVo fans. Understand why everyone is talking about a certain restaurant, car, band, or dry cleaner — and why other businesses and products are ignored. Discover why some products become huge successes without a penny of promotion — and why some multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns fail to get noticed.

Keynote Topics

The following are Andy’s most popular word of mouth marketing talks, but every presentation is customized for you after detailed conversations with your team.

Word of Mouth Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

You want more people to talk about you — but how do you create a word of mouth marketing campaign? In this popular talk, you’ll learn how to energize your fans and generate positive word of mouth about your brand.

We’re going to get specific here: Where to start, what to do, and how to make it successful. Guess what? It’s common-sense stuff that you can use the next day without a big budget. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find the right people to talk about you (influencers and evangelists)
  • Give them something to talk about (viral content and buzz)
  • Create tools to make it easier for them to spread the word (social media and offline)
  • Participate in the conversation
  • Track and measure the results

Word of Mouth Marketing for <insert specialty>

Customized version of the above talk, with specific examples and content for your group. Andy has worked with hundreds of companies and will create a perfect presentation for your group. Examples include:  Brands, Internal Communications, Retail, Restaurants, Associations, Government, Politics, Email Marketers, Builders, eBay Sellers, Franchises, Food, CPGs, eCommerce, OEMs, Event Marketers, Software, Doctors, User Groups, and Non-Profits.

Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing

Ethics is the foundation of word of mouth and social media success. No one is going to share your message if they don’t trust you and respect you. Just as important: It’s the law. Government agencies are enforcing honesty and disclosure rules — if bloggers don’t expose you first. Learn how to do the right thing and stay out of trouble with proper disclosure, social media policies, and training.

Responding to Negative Word of Mouth

What do you do when you’re facing negative word of mouth, bad reviews, and online attacks? Get specific, practical advice on how to respond most effectively. You’ll get detailed recommendations that you can use in any situation — and great tips on preventing future problems before they happen.


Scott Olrich, Responsys: The best speaker we’ve ever hired. Andy can single-handedly make an event. He’s one of the most provocative and entertaining speakers you will ever come across. Book him today! Your audience will love him and the results of your satisfaction surveys will never look so good.

Rick Murray, Edelman: Andy speaks with a vision, passion, and commitment that is rarely seen.

Sharon Guldner, eBay: Andy provides inspirational and actionable marketing advice for our community. We’ve had him back 3 times and his classes always fill up!

John Bancroft, VF Corporation: Andy’s seminar with our executives was engaging, entertaining, and abundantly actionable…an excellent event for our results-driven organization.

Sheri Jacobs, Association Forum: People said it was the best session they’ve attended in years.

Aaron Strout, WCG: As someone that has hosted, spoken at, and attended hundreds of conferences, I can conclusively say that Andy Sernovitz is one of the best in the business. His talks are inspiring, his professionalism is unparalleled, and his ability to engage with the audience is a joy to witness.

Kathy Varese, CUNA Mutual Group: Andy is a real pro to work with. He understands the needs of an event planner, and you can count on him to deliver amazing results without coaching, hand-holding, or high-maintenance requests.

Ferg Devins, Molson Coors Canada: When it comes to word of mouth marketing training, Andy is the guy to call. In one training session with our communications team, he took our minds to new creative and innovative levels with his coaching.

Dave Kerpen, Likeable Media: Andy gets word of mouth marketing better than anyone I’ve ever met. He always delivers.

Kim Stiglitz, VerticalResponse: Andy’s webinar was our highest attended webinar of the year! It was full of actionable takeaways presented in an entertaining and engaging format.

Karen J. Willison, Fishbowl Marketing: Non-stop ideas. Really useful ideas!

Craig Dempster, Experian: Sernovitz gets past the PowerPoint to what you really need to know.

Chris Swonger, Beam Global Spirits & Wine: Andy hit it out of the park. Exactly what we needed.

Brad Brown, NY Software Industry Assn.: Your comments were insightful and they pumped me up a little bit, too. I had forgotten that part of entrepreneurial activities is to have fun.

Bill Moran, Association for Interactive Marketing: Our members were on the edge of their seats. The best speaker of the day.

Kristen Colbert, American Lawyer Media: Not pie in the sky talk. Definitely things we can implement, and quickly.

Scott Silverman, He was informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining. His presentation was so good that we made it available for download on our website, and it was one of our most successful lead generation tools.

Peter Kim, Forrester: Andy is the first person you need to see if you want to learn about word of mouth.

Bernard H. Tenenbaum, YPO: Andy was crisp, concise, and to the point about marketing in the new economy. He had clear examples and ready anecdotes that illustrated the key ideas, and the audience left motivated and enthused! Everyone enjoyed his humor and insight.

Boyce Thompson, Builder Magazine: Andy gave a great lunch keynote that brought energy and quality information to our event.

Paula Bilitz, Minnesota Life: Your dynamic presentation gave us tons of new ideas that will indeed help us take the next step to a new level of internet marketing. Thanks for being our inspiration.

Matt Hood, National Restaurant Assn.: Feedback from the meeting was overwhelmingly positive. Your presentation gave our participants ideas that they can take back and implement immediately in their operations.

Brett Hurt, Bazaarvoice: Andy got great reviews — and drew a huge audience.

SAIC: Andy Sernovitz provided a truly instructive and exciting presentation. The U.S. Government representatives in attendance remarked that his session was one of the best, not only for the useful information provided, but because of Andy’s dynamic speaking abilities and skill for engaging the audience. Andy’s presence would make any conference a better one!

A Few of Andy’s Thrilled Audiences

Private Corporate Presentations

  1. Amway
  2. Bazaarvoice
  3. Beam Global
  4. Bosch
  5. Cisco Systems (x2)
  6. Dell (x3)
  7. eBay (5+)
  8. ExactTarget
  9. GE
  10. Google (x2)
  11. Hewlett-Packard
  12. Kimberly-Clark (x2)
  13. Kraft (x3)
  14. Maker’s Mark
  15. Mayo Clinic
  16. Microsoft (5+)
  17. National MS Society (x2)
  18. REI
  19. Sprint
  20. Sysco
  21. TechData (x2)
  22. UPS
  23. Zappos

Academic and Government

  1. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  2. Central Intelligence Agency (SAIC)
  3. Columbia University
  4. Department of Energy
  5. Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  6. Harvard University
  7. Northwestern University (Faculty & Guest Lectures)
  8. United States House of Representatives
  9. United States Senate (x3)
  10. University of Chicago
  11. Wharton School of Business (Faculty & Guest Lectures)

Conferences & Associations

  1. Advertising Research Foundation
  2. American Advertising Federation
  3. American Association of Blood Banks
  4. American Dental Association
  5. American Management Association
  6. American Marketing Association (5+)
  7. American Resort Developers Association
  8. ASAE
  9. Association of National Advertisers
  10. Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
  11. CMO Summit
  12. Conference Board (x2)
  13. Corporate Event Marketing Association
  14. CUNA
  15. Direct Marketing Association (5+)
  16. Forrester (x2)
  17. MarketingProfs (x3)
  18. Measuring Word of Mouth
  19. National Association of Broadcasters
  20. National Realty Committee
  21. National Restaurant Association (5+)
  22. NetPromoter Summit
  23. Pacific Coast Builders Conference
  24. / National Retail Federation (5+)
  25. Social Media Summit
  26. (20+)
  27. Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education
  28. Word of Mouth Basic Training
  29. Word of Mouth Crash Course (x4)
  30. Word of Mouth Marketing Association (5+)
  31. Word of Mouth Marketing Summit
  32. Word of Mouth Research Symposium
  33. Word of Mouth Supergenius (x2)
  34. Young Presidents’ Organization (x3)