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Word of Mouth Boot Camp

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Get Started With Word of Mouth Marketing in One Fantastic Day

At our Word of Mouth Boot Camp, you’ll come to our office for one intense day of word of mouth training.

It’s the only complete training program for word of mouth, viral marketing, communities, social media, blogs, and buzz. This is a practical, how-to seminar that will help you get more customers without spending more money.

You’re going to learn everything you need to start and run an amazing word of mouth marketing program:

  • The fundamental, essential concepts
  • How to manage the program
  • How to measure the results

This is an action plan day. No generic theory here: You are going to get specific tools to start and run an amazing word of mouth marketing program.

Dates, Details, and Locations

Upcoming dates

  • Chicago — Date TBD
  • Austin — Date TBD


Boot Camps run from 7:30am-5pm, but dinner is included the night before. Some course material is covered at the dinner. But more importantly: You’ll break the ice with your classmates and be ready for great conversations the next day.

What You’ll Learn

Practical, how-to ideas

The entire day is packed with specific, practical how-to steps. We won’t waste your time with generic theories and vendor presentations. You will learn tactics that you can use in the real world. This class answers the “what do I do now?” question.

How to measure your results

You will know how to track new leads, referrals, and word of mouth-based sales. You’ll be able to follow and measure conversations about your company and your products. And you’ll know how to translate all that data into real ROI.

A repeatable framework

You will master the 5 Ts framework – the essential steps in every successful word of mouth campaign. With this framework, you’ll have a process to use every time you want word of mouth for a new product, service, or brand. It’s simple, repeatable, and effective every time.

  • Talkers: Find People Who Will Talk
  • Topics: Give People a Reason to Talk
  • Tools: Help the Message Spread
  • Taking Part: Join The Conversation
  • Tracking: Measure and Listen

You’ll learn the concepts – then you’ll perfect them in hands-on team exercises.

Why You Should Be at Boot Camp

Word of mouth is a different kind of marketing

Word of mouth is exciting, energizing, and effective. Earning the respect and recommendation of your customers, fans, and friends puts you on the path to a building a thriving, profitable business.

Plus, it’s way more fun to work at a company that people love to talk about.

You should attend if you are just starting, or are just a little stuck

  • You got some word of mouth, but don’t know where to go from here
  • You get it, but need to convince your boss and colleagues
  • You’re ready to start but don’t know what to do
  • You need an action plan

Take this class before you hire an agency

  • Learn where to outsource and what to do yourself
  • Learn to spend your time and money wisely
  • Cut your costs
  • Know how to manage your agency

Who should attend:

  • Companies of any size — entrepreneur to enterprise
  • BtoB or BtoC
  • You don’t need advanced knowledge of word of mouth or social media
  • Online or traditional offline businesses
  • Product or service companies

Send your:

  • Boss
  • PR team
  • Social media team
  • New hires
  • Clients
  • Your agency

Learn to Get People Talking About Your Company, Cause, or Idea

You’ll learn word of mouth marketing: The basics, the big ideas, and the best practices

Master word of mouth, blogs, buzz, viral, and all those great things to get people talking about you. Word of mouth isn’t luck: it’s a set of techniques you can use without big budgets or a big staff. Learn how to replace expensive marketing with renewable, free leads from your army of raving fans and happy customers.

You’ll learn about:

  • Influencers and evangelists: Find the right people to talk about you
  • Messages and buzz: Give them something to talk about
  • Tools: Make it easier for them to talk to each other (social media and offline)
  • Participation: Respond to blogs, social networks, product reviews, deal with negative word of mouth, earn credibility
  • Measurement: Track the conversation and calculate ROI
  • Managing the program: Do it yourself, get buy-in from co-workers, or hire an agency
  • Making it happen: Know how to spend your time and money wisely

What You’ll Get

You’ll leave with an action plan you can use the next day

We’ll develop a specific action plan that will deliver results as soon as you get home. We’ll fill you with tons of ideas and strategies — and then break them down into specific steps that will work for you. You’ll know exactly what to do next. You’ll also get templates you can use to create action plans for future projects.

Your practical action plan will be prioritized by tactics that are:

  • Easiest to do
  • Least expensive
  • Fastest results

You’ll have the tools to do it right

You leave this class well-equipped to get started and keep it going. We guarantee you’ll have what you need to get more word of mouth the very next day:

  • Worksheets: Templates for planning, brainstorming, and organizing
  • Workbook: Detailed notes and resources
  • Repeatable Framework: 5-step plan (with more worksheets) to use every time you need a new word of mouth campaign
  • Credentials: Certificate of participation and a web badge to show your expertise

Your Teacher

You’ll learn from an amazing instructor and proven material

Every class is taught personally by Andy Sernovitz, who literally wrote the book on Word of Mouth Marketing and has taught these very same tactics to Microsoft, Dell, TiVo, and many more companies. This is your chance to learn first-hand at an affordable rate and in an intimate setting.

Andy Sernovitz is known as the founder of the word of mouth industry. He is President Emeritus of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and taught word of mouth marketing at Northwestern University.

This material has been taught to thousands of executives and entrepreneurs in Andy’s keynotes, classes, and private corporate training sessions.

Expect One Amazing Day

You’ll learn it all in one thrilling day

Every minute of the Boot Camp is jam-packed with ideas.

This is not a canned conference with generic panelists — it’s a deep-dive, immersive experience that will engage your brain.

This is not a PowerPoint day. It’s all about discussion, big ideas, detailed how-tos, and collaboration.

You will leave exhausted and excited about a whole new way of doing business. You’ll be turned on by the intense conversation and personal interaction. Your brain will be full.

You’ll have the confidence to get started

  • You’ll learn more about word of mouth marketing in one day than most people learn in their career
  • You’ll be good at managing a word of mouth marketing program
  • You’ll have the tools and knowledge to teach word of mouth to your co-workers
  • You’ll know your specific next steps